Sunday, September 26, 2010

Witness to a Miracle

Malachi found a caterpillar on a limb that looked like this:

(this picture was taken from the internet.  I didn't get one of ours....)

We put it in a jar, and he continued to feed it leaves from the tree where he found it.  One morning, I walked in and noticed it had attached itself to the side of the jar with silk.  I was so excited to show the kids...  I figured it meant it was ready to make a chrysalis.

About 24 hours later, we noticed it had formed a chrysalis.  I learned from reading that a chrysalis is actually a final molt.  They shed their skin and the chrysalis becomes the new skin.  It is all cuddled up and cozy and ready to begin its journey to a brand new creature.

About a week or two later ~ SURPRISE!!!!  This is what it became.  How gorgeous is this???  And the beauty of the whole thing is that the makings for this amazing display of wonder was contained inside a simple, seemingly unattractive worm... which makes me stop and pause.... isn't there a butterfly inside of us ALL.... waiting to spread it's wings and dazzle?? .... ♥

This is a picture of my miracle -Malachi- holding the miracle he witnessed....

He took the butterfly outside and placed it on the butterfly bush so its wings could continue to dry.  I thought it was so sweet to notice that he placed it beside a "friend" ...just in case it needed any pointers as it began its new life with wings.

I have to tell you that, I personally, was just fascinated by the entire thing.  We have had caterpillars that made cocoons and became moths, but never a chrysalis to a butterfly.  And to see him so fresh and new was absolutely beautiful.  We did a little internet research and found out that this particular butterfly is called a Red-spotted Purple....which is rather misnamed considering the spots are orange and the predominant color is blue.  Apparently, there is a purple color on the underneath of the forewing.
If you ever find a caterpillar or a butterfly you'd like to identify, the following site is extremely helpful in doing so. It contains a checklist and then provides you with various examples to choose from.

For caterpillars:
For butterflies:

Happy Discovering!


  1. ahhh! that brings back memories! I did that when I was like 7! It was one of my favorite parts of school!
    that is a beautiful butterfly!!


  2. I <3 miracles in life....I love hearing that you've experienced the joy of this! :)
    I am beyond thrilled that you are beyond thrilled :D Thank you for reading :)