Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Fleeting....

Today was Isaac's birthday.  I have to tell you that I nearly got all teary this morning thinking about it...how quickly time passes.  How very little time and opportunity we have to show those we love that they matter.  Childhood seems so fleeting.  My oldest will be 12 in December...12...  I can still remember him singing to bluegrass songs and running in circles in the living room when he was 3, yet it nearly seems a lifetime ago.  I want to redeem the time I have with my children.  I want to show them that I love them and form bonds that will last a lifetime.....to let them know that I accept them ...unconditionally...for who they are.  This is truly one of the main reasons I homeschool.  I am getting to watch them grow and learn and blossom into their own special little personalities.  It makes my heart smile.  They are what matters....they give my life song.....  :)

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