Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Early O'Clock Fruit Picking

Last week, the kids and I went to pick blueberries.  Based on the fun we had last year and the amount of blueberries that we picked, I was really looking forward to going.  Of course, there was the drawback of going early...  I'm not a morning person...  and it was very early o'clock....  okay, so I didn't leave until a little after 8 am...but I got up early...with the intention of leaving earlier.  It was my two year old's fault...  he has to have his breakfast noodles.  I know, I know...  there's no such thing.  But, there *is*..  although we live on a little farm in the making, with fresh eggs and goat milk ...  he is in a rut... he only wants Ramen noodles for breakfast....and I oblige him...  because I know that this is only a phase and this, too, shall pass.  {I hope... I mean, it will...right??}  And it probably wasn't ALL his fault...  the other kids are slow, too...  ;)  Anyway.....

We got there were all smiles...  I had some cappuccino with creamer on the way, so I was all smiles...  we broke out the buckets and started picking.  In defense of the kids, it was early.... the blueberry bushes were wet ...  the grass was wet ... and there weren't as many ripe blueberries as there were last year.

"Look, Mom...a blueberry... "...  ok..he didn't really say that...but that's what it looks like he's saying...   the other one is checking his nails for dirt...  because he's already getting bored...

What a cute little girl with her cute little bucket....  it's really her old Easter bucket basket....from several years ago...  we believe in reuse around here.. 

The smallest blueberry picker...  he seems to be finished picking and has moved on to eating....

So, after a bit, I lost one to pacing....  and two to ...something other than blueberry picking... which left only one child...and me...picking blueberries.  Soon after, it was discovered that there was a peach tree and we should help ourselves...  Okay, so now I've lost all four helpers..that's okay...  I like picking blueberries...alone...early in the morning...getting my favorite Batman shirt soaking wet on the dew laden bushes... it's okay....really....sniffle...

See....I'm smiling...  and eyes are's called early o'clock syndrome...

Yeah, it's probably best he did this job anyway...  me and heights have a mutual distrust...

 The other two are happily picking apples...  you have to be one skilled diva to pick apples with one hand on your hip....  :)

 This is what we ended up with...  not a bumper crop...but enough to do a little sumpin, sumpin with  :)
  I ended up freezing the blueberries, as is.  I was out of pectin and sugar and it wasn't time for a trip to the general store.  Besides, at this point I was thinking I'd rather have blueberries to use in cobblers, pies, syrups, eaten frozen, etc..than have blueberry freezer jam.  Don't get me wrong.....blueberry freezer jam is some dang tasty stuff....but strawberry freezer jam is the best...and I made some of that earlier in the spring.  The peaches we just ate.  There wasn't enough to do anything, they were wormy...not that I'm sirree... not at all..  I appreciated them.  They were tasty...  I just got a little less hungry while cutting around the tiny little worm that was all stretchy and satiated on the peach pulp next to the seed.  What I did with the apples deserves its own post... which I will proceed to next.... :)  so, don't touch that cursor....  it's coming right up :)


  1. Why did you have to be there so early? Does the fruit disapear after a certain time? I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has problems getting anywhere early in the morning. You did much better than I would have. I can't wait to read about what you did with the apples!

  2. LOL, Shannon... crazy thing how that fruit just disappears later on in the day.... ;)
    Actually, we were supposed to meet an older gentleman there and he didn't "cotton" to picking and being in the full heat of the noon sun.
    And yes, I have serious problems getting anywhere early...much to my husband's dismay!
    The apple post is ready <3 :)
    Thank you so much for reading and all your sweet comments!!! They make me smile...

  3. I know he was right about that noon day sun...that's what the evenings are for, lol!

    I'd never heard of doing that with the apples before, of course, I've never made an apple pie before. Good idea!