Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On Shearing.....

It has been established that the sheep needed shearing.

I learned to milk a goat from a handy dandy YouTube video....but, I'm thinking shearing a sheep sounds a little more traumatic if you do it wrong.  Thanks to Facebook, I got in touch with some super nice folks who volunteered to come to MY HOUSE and teach me to shear my sheep.  How awesome is that?  I thought that kind of friendship extension and willingness to share homesteading skills to that level of accommodation was extinct. So, a voluminous, glitter infused shout out to the kind folks at Luckyewe Farm for saving my sheep from a possible societal wreck of a haircut :)

They arrived and brought their shears... and then it was time to catch the sheep. The sheep who are very hard to pet, much less hold. Aha Aha. That was interesting. After much chasing, lunging, chasing, lunging, chasing, get the picture....we managed to corner a sheep and get it up on a table to be sheared. I say "we" but y'all know I didn't pick up that sheep....  I played construction worker and leaned on something while watching someone else lift it. hahahaha...  sorry, sorry..
I love construction workers...not everyone can make a two man job appear to be a fifteen man job. hahaha

I really don't know where those jokes came from. I really have no problem with construction workers.  :)   Anyway.....

They got out the shears and went to work on the first one. I watched. and watched. and watched. And was REALLY itching to do, they said I could get the scissors and trim around their faces. Man, was I happy to get to be hands on. And THEN - they asked if I wanted to try shearing. YESSSS!!!!


                                                             THAT was awesome!!

                                       The amount of wool that came off was AMAZING!

                                  And did you know, that because of the lanolin in the wool,
                                 when you get finished your hands are super soft and moisturized...
                                  and it smells really good....

                            I absolutely adored the new learning experience!  It was wonderful
                           having such great teachers. Made my first shearing a memorable

 They look quite different, don't they?  Foot loose and fancy free :)


  1. Hi Michelle! My wife and I just got done checking out your blog and had a quick question. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks! - Cam

    1. Hi, Cam! I'm not sure how to email you back...I don't have an address. Will it let you email me if you use the "Kontact Me" icon on the right margin? I would love to answer your question!