Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New on the Farm: Feeling a Little Sheepish

Wow. How long has it been?  I really wanted to blog...and then I got distracted....a couple of times multiplied by infinity. When I finally had a moment of quiet to myself at night, I sorta glazed over...there was nothing left.

But, I'm putting an end to that.RIGHT.NOW.DANGGIT.

I'm going to start by telling you about my brand new farm animals. Okay... not absolutely brand new because they've been here since the summer...but, they're new to you and that's what matters. I'll bring you up to date slowly....

A homeschooling friend of mine told me that she had some sheep she wanted to get rid of and asked me if I wanted them. Ummm... does my unicorn prance on rainbows??  Heck, yes, I want your sheep!  So, she tells me that someone gave them to her and they need to be sheared and they aren't very pet-able. Have I ever sheared a sheep? No. Petted a sheep? No. Been a sheep whisperer? No. Was I deterred? Absolutely not!  :)

The sheep were delivered and I was ecstatic!  I've always wanted sheep.. so, I could touch them. They're so FLUFFY!!  Come to find out, they aren't so much fluffy as they are ...THICK.  wow!  Wool is some thick, thick, yummy smelling stuff. Yes. I said yummy smelling. Did you know that lanolin comes from sheep's wool?!  How did I NOT know that??

Seriously... these are some cute sheep...and they're Baby Doll sheep... which makes them even cuter..having that cute name and all.

                      Look at those faces!!!  Obviously, it's been awhile since they had been
                      sheared. But, the cuteness!!!  

                    The male is in front. He was very wary of me. Not sure if it was the hair....
                    the boots....the tiny bucket when he clearly deserved more...

                 And it proves true in every species... the way to a man's heart is through his
                 stomach.  I actually got to pet him!!!  There is nothing like sinking your
                fingers into some Baby Doll sheep wool!!

                        My son managed to get them close enough to pet, as well. Perhaps, I
                        should dub him, "sheep whisperer"....

                          The female sheep... she gazes across the field with pursed lips....
                          "now y'all gonna have me a nice warm bed of hay, or what?"

                        The male sheep..with his fringe of hair validating the fact that he is
                        the epitome of sheep coolness. "where's my crib, yo?"

                        Some of that bravado slipped when the goats walked up. "we'll just
                        be down here checking out the foliage."

                    Goats just don't care. You can be mid-hug and if they're done, they're done.

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