Thursday, July 10, 2014

Froggy Went A'Courting and He Did Ride...Mmmm, Hhmmm

Have you heard that song?  My daddy used to sing it when I was a child.

Well, I had some very photogenic froggies show up in my backyard. They must have all been getting ready for some serious courting that night because they were taking time to just chill by the pool and relax all day.

Talking over their plans for the night.... where's the best place to find bugs...most moonlight for romantic endeavors... where all the girls will know...frog stuff....

This brave fellow climbed up on my hand for some one on one counseling. He's shy sometimes and misses his chance to chat with the ladies.... I assured him that the right one would love him for his quiet, gentle nature.

The other guy.. yeah, him.... he hadn't a care in the world. Super sure of himself and ready to begin the night!

The next guy, you could call the thinker.  His date will be well thought out and complete with flowers, wine, and a nice dinner. He's got it all covered, baby. Hmmm.... now what shall he wear?  Tails and a top hat, perhaps?

The last guy represented here is the one who is so scared he'll actually see a girl and she'll try to talk to him that he can't pry his little sticky fingers from the cold hard wood. Shiver!! just the thought!!! 


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