Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Butterfly Closure Will Hold It, Right?

So, last Thursday, I was outside doing my farm girl routine...you know, the one with the twist, turn, sway to the right, sway to the left...oh..wait.  Wrong routine. The other one....toting water buckets and feeding animals.  Right. 
I was feeding and watering.  And right before I carried the full water buckets, I thought to myself that the chickens in the mobile pen sure could use a nice new spot of land to peck around on.  So, I grab a hold of one corner...and Yank!  And then I grab a a hold of the other corner...and ... SLICE!
OH.MY.GAH.  My hand slipped and my thumb slid down the length of the edge of the tin and it sliced through my finger.  I took one look and thought, dang....this might need a bandaid....or two.  I run in the house and yell for one of the kids to get me a washcloth...and then I venture a look.  EW.  It was gaping open...and relatively deep. DANG IT.  I get my daughter to call the closest person...my mother-in-law and she comes down to have a look see.  She says ...that might need stitches.  And I was kinda thinking maybe, BUT I had class that night.  (because I'm going back to school full time to finish my degree...still homeschooling, though)  And I didn't want to miss class because I needed to miss a night in March... so, I was thinking, What the heck... we can put a butterfly closure thing on it and it'll hold it together probably.  Yeah.
I called my personal nurse (love my nurse friends) and asked her opinion. She said I probably needed a tetanus shot.  Seriously?  I mean the tin wasn't rusty.  Apparently, that doesn't matter.  DANG again.
So, I decide to go to class and go by Urgent Care afterwards...just to see.  Only I'm walking into school and the wound pops open and now I have blood dripping off my fingers.  And for some reason, people give me weird looks for this.  And a lady asks me if I need stitches.  As if...  So, I meet up with my Professor and tell her I might need to go have my thumb looked at...which she urges with much passion...  LOL... and I go to Urgent Care.  Turns out, I needed four stitches and a tetanus shot.  The nurse looks at my finger and says, "Did you *really* think that butterfly was going to hold it?"  Well....yeah?

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