Thursday, October 13, 2011

Target ....and Sons

I was in Miami and saw this building and immediately thought, "Ohhh!  Target ...and Sons"

Cause you know, it's the red circle like Target has...followed by two smaller circles.  Okay, am I the only one who finds that funny?  :)
This is actually Jason's Famous Deli.  I passed this restaurant several times without realizing what treasures were inside.  We were in Miami for four days, and I was determined before I left to have some hideously unhealthy, yet irresistibly delectable dessert.  A dessert I didn't have to make myself.  Finally, on the last night, we went inside.  I felt like a pregnant craver.  (I'm not pregnant)  I walk to the counter and say to the smiling man behind the counter...."I would LOVE some chocolate"... and I made a friend.  :)  He gave me some kind of little thing that was pastry on the bottom, filled with chocolate chip dough, and topped off with the absolute most delicious chocolate filling EVER.  He was pleased that I was pleased.  I told you we were instant friends.  So, then he shows me all of the cakes.  And there was a white chocolate mousse one ... and it looked so yummy...  and then I remembered that I had wanted a real cannoli.  (Thank you, Cake Boss, for making me crave a REAL one...not a frozen one from WalMart)  I ended up with cannolis, those little chocolate demons he first offered me, and a huge piece of cake.  I felt SO pregnant.  (I am NOT pregnant)  After he put them all in a box for me, and we paid, I gave him a hug and professed my undying love.  Okay, I didn't profess my love, but I should have.  When I opened my box, I noticed he had slipped me an extra chocolate demon...I looked at him in appreciation and he held his finger up to his mouth in a "shhhhh"... due to the fact that his not so pleasant manager was standing nearby.  After she walked off, he walked over to our table (decided to eat there) and asked me if I like pecans.  (which, truly, I really am not overly fond of them) and slips me a turtle...  asks me to take a bite and see what I think.  Again, I should have professed my undying love.  He stood there for a few more moments ...made fun of the fact that I said "I'm going to save some for "Laater" in my southern accent..and we had a nice conversation.  It absolutely made my day.  Heck, it still makes my day when I look back on it.  He was older, very smiley, and just seemed so good natured.  It was a pleasure doing business with him.  I should have professed my undying love.  :)

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